Maximum Use of
Existing Elevator Shaft

Full Space fully optimizes all available space, including the elevator shaft, to its full advantage.

Full Space does not need a counter-weight, guide rail or a place to house the hydraulic ram, so it needs no more room than that which is taken up by the elevator’s cabin.

This makes Full Space the ideal solution for family homes, businesses, and public and residential buildings up to five stories high.

Maximum comfort and safety

Full Space’s technology fits your needs because it’s designed to give you the maximum of comfort throughout the entire journey, and at each stop, thanks to its advanced speed-control system.

Full Space is completely safe thanks to its approved free-fall protection system, and its, optional, emergency self-rescue system which allows a safe exit at all times

Low Maintenance

Full Space fits all budgets thanks to its characteristics, ease of installation and minimum maintenance requirements.

Full Space’s assembly and installation process is very simple: no need for a machine room and hardly any building work.

Its power supply, its lack of an elevator shaft, its high adaptability to any space, and its customizing options make Full Space an elevator that fits any budget.

Saves Energy
Highly Profitable

Full Space has the lowest energy consumption in the market, similar to that of an appliance.

Simple innovation


Rope traction by drum.

Driving Power

Single-phase gear machine.
Squirrel cage motor.
Worm gearbox.

Distribution Panel

Safety voltage control.
Microprocessed electronic board.
LED lights.
Information displays to detect any errors or breakdowns (optional).

Speed Control


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Full Space is a trademark of Turboiber Elevación, S.L.

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